Our Universe is the universe that we live in! It is the most tame universe compared to others in the Multiverse. The universe is most notable for having humans and irkens. It also contains some notable inhabitants and events.

Notable Places

  • Earth: The planet most humans take residence in. A very tame planet.
  • Irk: The planet in which irkens live. They are very aggressive and control much of the universe, working hard to capture all of it.
  • Burger King: Specifically the Burger King on Asteroid Samella.
  • The Center: This is where Uncle Bill Clinton lives. It is a big planet with his house, which is a replica of the White House. This is also where many famous humans live that Uncle Bill decided he didn't want to die. This of course required Uncle Baas' permission, as well as La Muerte's help. La Muerte has the option to take any of the humans back.

Notable Residents

Notable Events

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