Solid David Snake was a Special Forces agent for the Snakes in The Great Snake War. He was very good at sneaking into places and finding out information, even being the first ever person to break into Uncle Mansion.


Snake was born to Bertha Schaeffer and Gerald von Snake. He has snake DNA in his blood, as his father was a snake. This caused him to have great loyalty to the snakes and fight the Uncles. He is also the great-nephew of General Hans Viper, which increased his loyalty. He never died in the Great Snake War, although when the snakes were defeated he was banished to the Banishment Zone.

Skills and Abilities

Snake has very good athletic abilities, as well as being good at staregy. This allowes him to be an expert at infiltrating. He also uses his Super Hacky Device (SHD) to hack into electronics. He has a secret fascination for jugglng, although he's pretty bad at it.

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