The Main Twelve in order of top to bottom and left to right Uncle Waluigi, Uncle Bogie, Uncle Charlie Brown, Uncle Santa, Uncle Bill Clinton, Uncle Hoo-Ha, Uncle Samuel L. Jackson, Uncle Rosalina, Uncle Gusta, Uncle Poooopoooo, Uncle Ben Franklin, and Uncle Charizard.

The Main Twelve, also called the The Twelve Uncles or The Main Uncles, are Uncle Baas's main children. These uncles are the most important, and are mostly Uncle Baas's favorites (except for one). The Main Twelve consist of Uncle BogieUncle Charlie BrownUncle Samuel L JacksonUncle SantaUncle WaluigiUncle Hoo-HaUncle GustaUncle RosalinaUncle Ben FranklinUncle PoooopooooUncle Charizard, and Uncle Bill Clinton. They were the first ever Minor Deities born.

Order of Births

  1. Uncle Santa
  2. Uncle Samuel L Jackson
  3. Uncle Gusta
  4. Uncle Bill Clinton
  5. Uncle Bogie
  6. Uncle Waluigi
  7. Uncle Ben Franklin
  8. Uncle Hoo-Ha
  9. Uncle Charizard
  10. Uncle Poooopoooo
  11. Uncle Rosalina
  12. Uncle Charlie Brown
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