A picture of Uncle Baas

Uncle Baas is the universal deity or god of Unclism. He is the father of all the Deities. He is the creator of the multiverse and everything within it. He has the power to do anything he wants, and is generally a good guy. Unless to cheat in Tetris, in which you are punished severely. 


Uncle Baas, in his usual form, has a humanoid body in purple robes with a diamond on the front. His head is red and half of a man's and half of a goat's. He can change the man side to look any way he wants, although he usually goes with an old man. He is able to control his size, shape, and even turn into other animals.

His Children

Uncle Baas is the father of all of the deities. He is father of The Main Twelve, who are the biggest deities and his favorite children. He gave all of them a specific thing to be in charge of, similar to Greek Mythology and their gods. His children were born in many different ways.

Creating the Multiverse

Uncle Baas created the multiverse starting with Shroknok, the universe closes to ours, and then made our Universe. He then made all of the other universes using his magic powers. 

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