Uncle Santa gives you a big wink

Uncle Santa is Uncle Baas's first born son and part of the Main Twelve. He is in charge of the universe Crismus and and is god of winter, ice, beards, and holidays.

Powers and Abilities

He is able to stand extremely cold temperatures. He can make gifts apear out of nowhere and is able to control his beard as an extra arm. Like every other uncle, he can teleport to Uncle Mansion at any time. He can also freeze people.

Role in the Great Snake War

In the Great Snake War, Uncle Santa helped defend Uncle Mansion. He used his army of snowmen and elves to help.

Christmas Time

Uncle Santa is one of the few people to be able to travel to another universe no matter what that ruler says. He can only do that with one universe, and that is ours. He is able to travel here to deliver presents every Christmas, no matter what Uncle Bill Clinton says.

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