Uncle Waluigi trying to act cool.

Uncle Waluigi is one of the The Main Twelve uncles and one of Uncle Baas's children. He is Uncle Baas's least favorite child. He is the god of revenge, evilness, and cheating. He was banished to the Underworld after cheating at Tetris. Because of his banishment, he now watches over the Underworld.

Powers and Abilities

Uncle Waluigi originally had the ability to teleport to Uncle Mansion at will, but it was taken away when got banished. He is an expert at creating plans to get back at people. He can also grow and shrink his mustache at will.

Role in the Great Snake War

In the Great Snake War, Uncle Waluigi sided with the snakes so he could get revenge on Uncle Baas. He was soon defeated by Uncle Bill Clinton and sent back to the Underworld.

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